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released October 8, 2012

Chris Haverland - Guitar/Vocals
Jeremiah Shields - Drums
Shalfi Edu - Bass
Ansel Kamimura - Guitar

Recorded by Lucas Cathey



all rights reserved


The Winslow Beaumont, California

A couple of dudes under the influence of cap'n jazz and say anything.

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Track Name: King James
You probably couldn't tell by looking at me, but I used to be fat and addicted to porn. He came in the night and scared the shit out of me. Jesus Christ said thin out, and get a girlfriend. But I bet when I do she won't even like me. 20 percent of me is malice and vapid violence I'm too afraid to let out. And for all these, my father said be happy. And I'm happy again. But what do you know? What do you know? For all you know I'm a liar and I fuck like grass grows. What do you know? What do you know? You've got me put in the hot seat like a lovable nazi. I know I'm poor, I'm spent, I'm worldly, and I hate my friends, and I hate my family, but God in heaven wouldn't know what it's like to be down to earth.
Track Name: Hey, Ansel!
Most of the time
I sit here in my mind
Scoping out
Backyard pesticides.

And what it takes to be a man doesn't get me very far

But maybe this sunset lasts too long. "And maybe I don't see nothing wrong."

Without regret,
I make you wet
Your rockin bed
To keep me in your head

What it takes to be a man doesn't get me very far
It's an ocean in my head, and the sun is set.
Track Name: All My Friends Are Pregnant
Love-struck is like a blood-lust,
I'm gonna be a bad dad one day.
When I arrive, putting muscles aside,
I'm gonna fucking scare your kids away.

I'm a brokeback giant
In a small mans' cage.
When I spawn a kid,
Will you touch it?

I'm mad max in a funny looking bunny suit
Outside your window.
Why d'you get so scared when I get a better look at you?
I'll put my mask back on...

I'm in a bad place, right now, you fucker
So fuck with me, I dare you.
I'm in a bad place, right now, you fucker
So fuck with me, please.

How cold the spark that lights my tired flame?
I love my loud flamboyance, don't you?
Test me,
Or detest me.
Fun or ranting?
Pretty Puppies Panting?
Track Name: Crowned
It's pretty complicated, my win win situation. Behold, my river flows with gold ore. I'm feeling you like there's nothing else to do, and like a kidney stone I tried to pass, I'll stay right here. I'm miserly admire me, I'll stay right here. Look at me, I'm high and mighty, I'm the mother fucking king. Bow to me as I adjust my crown. Don't talk to me 'cause I know everything. And I can't hear you from how high I am. And I'll be lounging in my chair. My servants wave the leaves to dry my hair. It's wet from swimming in your mind. You think I'm dreamy? Oh, you're too kind. You and I, sitting so goddamn high above it all. How is my pedestal?
Track Name: Oh, God, it's King James All Over Again
Buried and creamed,
My high self esteem,
And I've been talking to
People in my dreams.
And close by, my writ is under mining me for coal

It's what I want
I want it more than you
It's who I am
But I'd love to be you

Here come
The hopeless pretending
That there's no ball and chain
To my future failure.
I'd admit it if I was bigger fat.

I want to see
The better of me
Through a glass sooth-speaking
"Maybe in the future"